Guru Deep Dive Recap: Scale your Knowledge with Light Users

  • 25 February 2022
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Hey everyone! The Guru Deep Dive this week was jam-packed with pro tips and recommendations for scaling your knowledge in Guru.


We specifically learned how to leverage our new, free Light users feature. In case you missed it (or want to relive the greatness and take steps to scale your knowledge) here is the recap!


Shoutout to our knowledge experts and speakers @Chandler Sopko and @Taylor Paschal for sharing Light user recommendations and their experiences at Noom and Guru.


Scaling knowledge with Light users 


What happens when more people need access to knowledge?  🤔If this is the case at your company, chances are two things are likely happening: 

  • You have awesome resources in Guru you KNOW other team members would benefit from. Example → FAQ questions in your support collection. 

  • You have a compelling event that requires multiple teams to become ~ in the know ~. You know Guru would be a great place to house the knowledge, but many teams don’t have access. Example → You’re holding a Company Kick-off, and all team members need to know supporting information. 


If this sounds familiar, you might be facing some common barriers: 

  1. Time. If the team members who need the knowledge aren’t already in Guru, you’re looking at spending time uno-reversing your hard work by copying and pasting Guru content BACK into places like Slack or Google docs to make it accessible. Sheesh.

  2. Budget. Even though you KNOW adding all new team members to Guru would be ideal, budget blockers and red tape could mean you risk approvals taking a longer than you have time for. 


It’s time to define how you’re going to scale your knowledge!

Start scaling your knowledge by evaluating three things: 

  • Who needs this information? 

  • What exactly do they need to know? 

  • How will you get this information to them? 


Introducing Light users

Light users is a great way to help you solve the “who” aspect of scaling knowledge. Note: Light Users are only currently available for customers on our Enterprise plan.

  • Light users are free, read-only, and have very limited permissions in that they only have access to knowledge in Guru that’s shared with the All Members group. All members are everyone in Guru, so content shared with them tend to be company-wide things, like objectives and key results (OKRs), benefits information, workplace strategy updates, and more.

Hear Chandler cover more about Light users and use case examples - 6:17


Rolling out new knowledge

Being intentional about who needs information, what they need to know, and how you will deliver that information to them will help you create success. With the Light user option, you can map out your path to launching the knowledge you need to scale. 


Hear tips for scaling your knowledge from beginning to end - 12:52



How did Noom do it?

Noom is a consumer-led digital health company that helps people live healthier, happier lives.


Their Knowledge Management lead, Taylor Paschal focuses on providing our team with a knowledge base of inclusive, product-driven content that fosters efficiency and creativity. Noom’s achieved some major Guru milestones in their day, balancing needs for 3,500+ users.


Recently they needed to scale Noom’s Security Awareness training, including a PHI/HIPAA Annual Assessment, and identified 500+ Noomies that needed access. By scaling knowledge with Light users, Noom: 

  • Ensured every single Noom employee now has access to a light version of Guru (663 new light users)

  • Found that 79% of those newly added to Guru as light users logged in to view supplemental/optional Guru content alongside the mandatory training 


Hear Taylor discuss their approach with Light users in more detail - 18:20


Taylor’s top tips: 

  • Know exactly who you are inviting. Create a list, and do a test with a small set of users to ensure they can see the correct information when they are added to Gu

  • Set people’s expectations that this is just the tip of the iceberg. As soon as people get into Guru, they’re going to want to see more. Encourages curiosity and create engagement to go deeper into Guru, while also setting up processes to get ahead of questions and requests. 

  • Specifically set up a system for light users / managers to request an upgrade. In Noom’s system, the request goes to Taylor’s Jira help desk. To keep questions and requests organized, send them to a specific location and ask for details on what their needs are. 


Feeling ready to scale some knowledge? Curious to try our Light users? Take on our latest Guru Community Challenge!

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Light user Resources: 


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