Add cards to multiple boards that are under different collections

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Wish there was a way to add cards to multiple boards that are under different collections. We have a customer success collection and a support collection and need to work off the same content/workflows.
Heavy plus for sharing a card across Collections (Guru knows how much I want this already) but in the meantime, could you use a shared board or boards for the content that needs to be in both Collections? We did that with our Manager Resources, the board is in both our regular CE Collection and a limited access CE Manager Collection that has manager-specific info in it.
Yep! That came up for us as a workaround (creating a shared partner experience collection). But often times there are specific boards that teams may want to have filed under so the multi card to multi collection thing would allow that flexibility. For example on Support we have an SOPs board whereas Success would want their card in another board
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