Alphabetize cards within a board

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I believe this to be a super simple ask, but, would love to have the ability to alphabetize cards within a board!! Right now, we are attempting to keep it manually organized, but with new verifiers coming into the tool all the time, we'd like to be able to keep it consistent and easy to sort automatically!

Following up on this, a toggle to view the board groups/boards in alphabetical order would be great too!

Late to the party here, but I’d like to echo this with a comment. A filter to alphabetize cards by board (A to Z and Z to A) would be invaluable. This is probably the most immediately useful feature ask we have as a company.

I need this, too. If any of you have one (or a few) boards that really need to be in order, you can pull them up in Card Manager, sort them by title, and then save that filter.


After that, users can pull up the saved filtered view in the extension when they need it. It’s not as good as being able to sort them within each board as needed, but it has helped us a bit on one big board we use a lot.

I’ll jump on the bandwagon here, we have some collections with 30+ boards and some boards with 100 cards, an auto sort would be very helpful.