Bulk Edit - Undo

I recently bulk edited 76 cards (changed the verifier), but then realized there is no way to “undo” those changes. This article in the Guru Help Center notes that bulk changes cannot be undone. Having an undo feature would be beneficial, as I quickly realized after performing this action that I should have filtered these cards differently. Is this something that is on your feature roadmap, or is there a workaround? I am specifically trying to identify a handful of those 76 cards who had a correct verifier assigned that shouldn’t have been assigned to a new verifier. 


Thanks in advance!


Hey @Addie Grosserode , thank you for sharing this! 

I think our Product team would be interested in hearing about this I went ahead and adjusted your post to live under the Product Feedback area. Remember to check out our suggestions for how to provide actionable feedback and add any more details on the functionality you’d be looking for. In addition to sharing your own feedback, in this section of the Guru Community, you can also add your vote to other feedback, discuss feedback with other customers, learn about the various changes we’re considering for Guru, and engage directly with our Product team.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, I’m happy to chat further!