Changing card title updates links on other cards

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Surely it's been requested before, but it would be so helpful if, when we changed the title of a card, the links on other cards that directly referenced that name changed automatically as well. Alternatively, if there was a way to find a list of all the cards on which a specific card is linked, it would help us do this manually a little easier.
Find + Replace / Update is an universal thing that would be amazing for all kinds of scenarios like the above! Especially if you need to replace the name of something across Guru

Hi all!

I'm Sandy, the product manager for card creation and editing functionality. 

I appreciate your input and votes. Since we don't have plans to prioritize implementing this, I'm going to leave this post in "Open" status. That way, we can keep gathering input from other users and see how common this. I’ll revisit this post again when we’re ready to evaluate which enhancements to slot into our roadmap.

@Ross Early I know you’d find this helpful! Give it an upvote if you agree :grin:

This will be a feature from Notion that I didn’t know I’d miss. 

 Must have! Please implement this.