Chrome Extension: Knowledge Alerts "View" Button - interrupting the workflow.

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If a user checks their Knowledge alerts on the Chrome Extension, beneath the Card with the Knowledge Alert appears a green button with the legend: "VIEW".
 If the user clicks this button, it opens the link in the current window, (the user is taken into the card in the Guru dashboard) changing the current window content. In the case of our users, this might be a chat with a client.  
On the other hand, If the user clicks over the card, instead of the green button, the card pops up as an overlay over the main content of the page (Not changing the current window). So the agent workflows are not interrupted.
Even though the second flow fits with our requirements, the green button is flashy so a lot of users are clicking on it.
 My suggestion is that this Button should be eliminated, changed to a pop-up link, or changing the legend to "View on the Dashboard". 
I hope this feedback is helpful! 
Thanks in advance for your help.