Option to only show Knowledge Trigger titles that contain cards a user has access to

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Over at Noom, we have a few different teams that utilize the KT function. This has been very helpful from a flexibility standpoint, however many users have noted KTs will populate without cards to view, because the assignments (cards) on those KTs are in a collection that they intentionally do not have access to.


The attached image shows how this currently looks for a user with limited collection access - An opened title does not show any indication that they do not have access to the card and instead just shows up blank. This has caused some confusion from our users who assume that they should be able to see a card there since a KT has populated. 


I understand that this is currently intended behavior, however I would like to recommend either a note stating they do not have access to the card in this KT, or removing KT titles with cards that a user does not have access to. Thanks for the space to make this recommendation! 


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