Subscribe to cards to get notifications for when card is updated

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This may have been mentioned before, but a common ask by my users is to be able to subscribe to card updates and get notified when something is changed. These users would not be card verifiers, just people on the team that want to be notified of changes. Maybe have an option in addition to 'Save' and 'Save and Verify', something like 'Save and Verify and Notify'

Bonus points for the ability to subscribe a group to card updated notifications (and maybe even card creations on a board/board group). Double bonus points if users could create groups for this ad hoc within a collection without needing to be funneled through requests to the admin.

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, earlier today we released the ability to follow a Card 🎉. You can find all the details of how this works in the new Help Center article.

We hope this improvement makes Guru easier to use and more valuable to your team. I’ll leave this post open for a few days in case there are any questions. If you have a suggestion for how we could improve this new functionality, or you’d like to be able to follow other types of items in Guru, I’d love to see those as new feedback posts so we can keep track of interest and take those thoughts into consideration in the future. 

Thank you! 

This is excellent news, @Laura Desmond-Black! Will this follow card function be made available via the API as well?

Hi @Anna Rothman,

Glad this something you’re happy to see :)

Adding support for following a Card to the API is on our list of things to consider in the future. Is there a particular part of following that you’d like to see in the API? Ability for a user to follow/unfollow? Ability to get a list of followers for a Card? Something else? I’d love to know a little about how you’d like to use this. Thanks!

The user ability to follow/unfollow would be our top priority for the API. We love to highlight Guru’s special card functionality in our internal integrations, and the follow button would be a quick win for our users! Always happy to discuss API ideas further, @Laura Desmond-Black.

I’ll send you an email shortly @Anna Rothman, I have some more questions about what you’re looking for by having this in the API. 


For anyone else, @Kate Staaf and I will be running research interviews in early December to get feedback on our idea for letting you see and manage all of your followed Cards from one place. If you “Like” this message I’ll make sure to reach out to you by email once we have times available for those interviews. Thanks!