Users who viewed this Card also viewed: algorithm and metrics

Related products: Navigation and Search Verification

This is an old topic circa 10 months



  • what algorithm drives this listing which occupies 18% card screen-space non-productively?
  • where can I view the metrics of the listed cards with dates of visits for audit?

Create Card from this Item

  • what about the function to create a card from submissions like this one please?
  • this would boost productivity and avoid lots of cut-and-paste


Hi @Christophe Fernandez  👋 Thanks for reaching out!

  • The Related Cards Help Center article is the best resource to review. It details what makes a Card eligible to be shown under the “Users who viewed this Card also viewed” section.
  • Unfortunately, there is no out-of-the-box dashboard where you can view and audit the “Users who viewed this Card also viewed” related Cards feature.
    • It sounds like you might be interested in analyzing individual Card usage? Each Card has its own analytics dashboard. In it, you will find Card views over time and Card copies over time among other information. The dashboard can found by navigating to the Card and clicking More options (⋯) and Usage and analytics.
  • Would you like me to convert this to a Product Feedback idea? What should I title it? Is the feature request for Guru to create a dashboard to review “Users who viewed this Card also viewed” Cards? I just want to be sure I understand the ask before I proceed. Thank you!

Artefact of Verifying

Many thanks @Marie Frei ..

  • I’ve read the Related Cards article
  • To be useful the Related Cards needs to overcome the Artefact of Verifying
    • that is: cards visited simply because they’re in a verifying queue otherwise unrelated
    • displaying these cards as Related offers no useful information
      • it’s a distraction on-screen
  • Google Docs Explore handles related data pertinent for a displayed card/doc nicely
  • Sure please convert this to a Product Feedback Idea to take development forward

Thanks and best wishes