Guru Editor Rewrite Update

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Documenting and maintaining knowledge is a core part of Guru, so we’re excited to provide an update on a significant project that we are working on to deliver a best-in-class editing experience. Guru’s current editor framework has long needed an overhaul and has limited what we can develop, including top-requested features like in-line commenting. To build for the future, we have decided to undertake a complete rewrite of Guru’s editor.


🤔 What is a “rewrite”? 

Guru’s editor is built on a customizable framework called Slate. In recent years, Slate has overhauled its codebase, which introduced easier feature development and new functionality for Guru’s editor to draw from. In order to fully benefit from Slate’s newest updates, it has become necessary to complete a technical rewrite of Guru’s editor from the ground up. 


To leverage the advantages of this rewrite as soon as possible, we have stopped further development on Guru’s current editor to focus on building the new version.

What is the benefit of rewriting Guru’s editor?

While this rewrite will involve a significant time investment, it is critical to delivering on some of the functionality we know is most important to your Card creation experience. By rewriting Guru's editor from the ground up, we will be able to deliver:

  • More frequent feature updates 🚀

  • Improved editor performance ⭐️

  • Fewer bugs 🐛


Building this solid foundation will help us deliver on highly anticipated features that have previously been highly challenging to develop, like collaborative editing, approval workflows, and in-line commenting. We know that you’re excited about these features, and we are, too! We look forward to being able to deliver them once our editor is up to snuff.


Has this project started and when will it be finished? 

The rewrite is already underway and is estimated to continue through at least the rest of 2021. This work will be the main priority and sole focus of our Authoring and Editing Pod (the product team responsible for the content creation process in Guru).


Are any other areas of Guru impacted by this work?
Indirectly, yes. While this particular work only focuses on the editor itself, our Authoring and Editing pod does own other areas of the product beyond the editor – like tag management, to name one. So you may not see progress made in some adjacent areas of Guru while this pod focuses solely on the editor. 


How do I share this information with my stakeholders or teammates? 

We’ve created a Public Card that contains information in this post as well as additional FAQs. Feel free to share the Card with your teammates to keep them in the loop as well.


How do I stay informed on this project?

We will keep you posted on our progress right here in the Guru Community and continue to collect your feedback to inform future authoring and editing projects. You can stay in the loop by:

  • Subscribing to this post or commenting on it with any feedback or questions

  • Following or contributing to card creation feedback posts in the Guru Community

  • Submitting your own feedback in the Guru Community

  • Contacting our Support Team from your avatar in the Web App to report any bugs or strange behavior 


We look forward to releasing a new and improved version of our editor next year. From there, the sky's the limit!

Is there an update for this in terms of ETA? Really, really looking forward to this! :grin: