2022 Guru Goals?

  • 27 December 2021
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Hey Guru Community, Happy Holidays! I wanted to kick off a thread for folks to share and connect around 2022 Guru goals. 



What’s coming up for you in 2022?

Where do you want to be with Guru and your company’s knowledge-driven culture by the end of the year? 

My team is going through similar north star exercises right now, and I wanted to share some resources.


Guru Inspiration for 2022: 


New to Guru → Check out these Help Center articles on organizing your company’s knowledge

Centralize knowledge → 

Educate your coworkers about Guru → Point your coworkers to the Guru Academy

Start or uplevel your knowledge council → 

Boost internal adoption with Guru → 


What’s the Guru Community up to in 2022?

Share in this thread below or check out reflections and new goals from our recent 12 Day of Guru challenge participants. 


2 replies

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Biggest goal: Build documentation accountabilities into all project planning, feature release, and process development activities. Basically, to walk our talk and make Guru documentation (and all documentation for that matter, technical/data/Jira/etc.) a top priority that’s spoke about early and often. The end result will be folks not immediately associating yours truly with Guru cards (ie. hearing less of, “...oh Shona will be glad to hear that we put this in Guru...”

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Love that Shona! I’m sure others can relate on 2022 being the year all documentation needed gets into Guru.


Bumping this thread today in case folks want to weigh in :) @John Aitchison  @Jackie Lusardi @Ron Payne , I know you recently left some great product ideas. We’re here to support you in your new year goals as well!