How Do I Revert A Core User to Light User Without Removing From Team

  • 4 May 2022
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Hello The Guru Community!


My team has had a case where someone we originally designated a Core User will no longer be able to continue in their intended Guru Role. 


This user is still part of our Team however we no longer wish for them to have the Core User status and functionalities.


Is there a way to revert them to Light User status so we assign a new Core User for our Team?


If not - what is the best way to handle this scenario?


Thank you!

1 reply

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Hi @Cara McBeath ! Thank you for asking this question. We’re glad you’re interested in Light users! Based on feedback from our customers, this functionality is undergoing changes and is currently unavailable for new teams. But stay tuned—Light sers will be back this summer!


If your account does have access to light users through our legacy plans, here is an article on how to convert core users to light users


If your account does not have access to Light users, I recommend adjusting the permissions that core user can access. For example, you could create a new core user with the same permissions to replace that role, and, you can adjust this person’s permissions as a core user to adjust what abilities they have in Guru and what groups they are apart of. Find more details on the following in the Guru Help Center:


I hope this helped! Let me know how things work out. We are happy to assist with any questions around other roles/permissions, and/or how to successfully share company knowledge with Guru.