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  • 1 June 2022
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Hi there Guru Community! We just implemented Guru not too long ago and working on optimizing our setup/workflows. One thing that we’ve noticed is that we’ve all been getting questions sent to our inbox when a user asks a question. We’ve got about 1000+ Light Users. I think everyone is getting the question a Light User asks because Light Users only have access to the “All Members” Group. Is that right?  If so, does anyone have suggestions on how we can improve this workflow so only the right group of folks will get floated the right questions?

Hope this makes sense. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Best answer by Matt Garren 1 June 2022, 18:34

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Hey @Ed Sibuma,

Thanks for the great question!

While Light Users can only be in the ‘All Members” Group themselves, they can still ask questions via Ask an Expert and target those questions other users or user Groups (FYI same goes for Card Comments). When they go to "Ask an Expert", they will see the option to select the Users or Groups who are Authors or Collection Owners in the Collections that the askers have access to.

You can navigate over to Team Settings and the Collections tab to check the Group's role settings for each Collection.

I highly recommend making small “expert” user Groups of no more than 7 users to have Collection Owner access to your Collections (multiple Groups can be Collection Owners FYI).  These expert groups would be the best groups to whom users should ask their questions. Users in this group will be the only ones who get notified if they’re asked a question.

In order to encourage users to ask the right people the right questions, I recommend creating a Card that is accessible to all of your Light Users that contains a table that can be used as a guide for users to see to whom they should ask questions for a given topic (ex: support processes question > ‘support ops experts’). Share that Card out in a Knowledge Alert and post it in relevant comms channels!

I also recommend setting up a Knowledge Trigger over Guru’s webapp to automatically push that Card to users when they’re using Ask an Expert in the webapp. Set the condition as  “IF Ask an Expert EXISTS”.


Hopefully this helps you, Ed!

Wow thank you for the prompt and comprehensive answer Matt! Extremely helpful! I’ll be sure to share with the rest of my team here. Looks like we have a little work to do streamline this a bit.

Thanks again!