Mermaid Live Editor for Diagram Creation

  • 4 November 2021
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Our engineers would like to have a feature whereby they could create diagrams within Guru as they can in Mermaid Live Editor as below. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how this might be possible or what work around there may be? :pray:


3 replies

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Hey @Michael Olver ! Great question, thanks for posting!


I think our Product team would be interested in hearing about this so if you have time, please share this in the Product Feedback area. Here are some suggestions for how to provide actionable feedback before posting as well! 


I posted the question to our Guru engineering team to see if we could get some ideas, but the first person that came to mind to help is @Donovan Watts ! Around this time last year, Donovan shared some go-to Cards of his that featured comprehensive diagrams.  Donovan, if you have the chance to jump in, what’s your workflow to add diagrams to Cards? 


Here are some resources for uploading resources/embedding files: 

Hi Callie, I’m a total noob but is it just a case of me “starting a discussion” and listing it as “feedback” within the product feedback area? Given that i’ve had such low hits I’m guessing this is quite a niche requests but the guys are quite set on having something and I like to keep them happy :)

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@Michael Olver yes exactly! It’s still good to get it in there, you never know! :) 

One of my engineering team members shared a workaround he’s used:  

If you make an html page like this you can iframe that in a guru card. the drawbacks are:

  1. The html page can't be hosted in Guru (e.g. uploaded to a card like you'd attach a pdf)
  2. The page might not be that easy to edit/update. it depends on how you host it.

Keep me updated if you end up experimenting with this!