Problems with draft mode

  • 10 November 2023
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Has anyone had issues lately with card updates not being saved in draft mode? 
Recently several users have lost their changes made in draft mode. 
Not sure what the exact cause is. 
I wonder if when multiple collaborators are viewing the document that a less updated version is overriding the newest version? Or if the user has the draft tab open, but their SSO instance has expired, the screen is not obvious with showing that changes are no longer being saved. 
Do we have access to previous versions of the document in the backend? Similar to how google docs works?

3 replies

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Hey @Sarah Dantino! 👋 Thanks so much for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear about this issue the team is experiencing with their draft Cards. This is something Guru's Technical Support team can best respond to. I've alerted the team and can see Kayla is in touch further troubleshooting. There’s no versioning for draft Cards like there is for published Cards, however it looks like other users feel the same way and there is a product feedback post you can upvote to show support: 


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We’ve had this happen a few times with our users. I don’t think Support is able to provide provide any previous version of the draft, but they are helping to try and identify what might cause this on occasion. 

I have had a couple of users experience this too.

It’s as if the session times out and stops registering any changes made to the draft. Both users had the draft open for an extended period of time (most of the work day) and lost all the changes when the draft closed and didn’t save