Set your Guru goals for the week! Quick wins + ideas ūüďĚ

  • 25 October 2021
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Hey everyone, happy Monday! Are you organizing your Guru goals for the week? Let’s support each other! :nerd: 


Share one Guru goal you are working towards below. Chances are someone in the community is working towards the same thing!


Need Ideas? Here are some other quick wins!

Drop your goals below, and let us know what questions you have!

2 replies

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Welcome to the Guru Community @Bo Schmitz @Toyin @Sara Escamilla @Willow Peterson @Sara @Angie Rutherford @Andy Morris ! Thanks for joining us as new members :) What Guru goals are you working on this week? 

Thanks @Callie Rojewski Multi-tasking...continuing to learn the product, develop some low-risk high use cards, testing with a buddie, planning out knowledge structure and permission mapping, and planning for onboarding my team :D