🎓Want to onboard and train new hires using Guru?

  • 11 January 2022
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Whether you’re currently onboarding new hires or looking to solidify your onboarding plan for the future, we’ve got a new Guru Academy resource for you! 

Guru Academy now has an on-demand training series dedicated to all things New Hire Onboarding. Craft your onboarding plan from scratch or refine your existing onboarding plan with all of the tips and tricks found in these three sessions:

  1. Intro to New Hire Onboarding - 15 mins to get the basics down (or refresh on the basics). We’re a big fan of the PDF included in this session to walk you through each stage of the onboarding process. Download the PDF and feel free to share internally.

  2. Day Zero to Day One - Congrats! Your new hire is going to start soon, and now you need to learn how to prepare. How do you coordinate with Finance and IT? How about seeding Knowledge Triggers for your new hires on pages they’re going to be referencing? Get it all right here in 13 mins!

  3. Day One to Day 90 - Your new hire has started and the ball is in your court to ramp them up to productivity as quickly as possible. What’s your plan? How will they communicate using your tools? Do they have a guide to their first week? Month? Beyond? Let’s figure it out together in this ~16 minute session. 

PRO TIP: Watching these videos from start to finish is amazing, but to speed things up, we recommend using the chapters to jump around to absorb the most relevant educational content.

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