Ability to export "Not answered" and "Flagged " AI responses

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I’m running into a large obstacle with leveraging Guru for my company.

My team manages all documentation at my company to ensure the standardization and consistency of company information. This means that all internal documentation is formally created, and maintatined by my team. The thumbs up and thumbs down feature for AI answers is very valuable for us to understand the accuracy of our documentation. Unfortuantely, it’s very difficult for us to take action on the feedback.

While I can see questions Not answered, Flagged, and Marked correct via Tasks > Answers in Guru, I’m not able to export the info.

All other members outside of my team have “read-only” access to Guru, so assigning to an Expert within Guru is not useful to us (again, this is done intentionally to ensure our documentation is standardized). Without being able to export the information, I can’t easily categorize what answers have been flagged incorrect, or have gone unanswered, in order to share the info with the necessary individuals.

I’m not sure why answered questions can be exported, but flagged and unanswered questions can not - since those are the ones that require action. 

This has a large, negative impact on our company’s ability to leverage Guru, and requires a great amount of manual work. 

It would be great to have the ability to export Not answered and Flagged AI responses and/or, to be able to assign an expert, without them needing author permissions, since they would simply be updating the sources for an answer, and not publishing any new content. 

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