Custom Collection Colors

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As an admin, I’d like to customize my team’s workspace (and brand it with our own colors). Currently, the color selection for Collections is (iirc) 15 seemingly random colors. In fact, I actually have a Collection dedicated to how to use Guru, and Guru’s own green isn’t an option there! Just allowing hex codes for custom colors would be a nice thing.

ah, sorry, “section” for guru knowledge that I mentioned above = collection. Can’t edit my post!

up vote!! this would help Guru feel more like a white-labeled extension of our company Brand if we had custom hex code options for Collection colors. :grin:

Yes please! I’m having a hard time making our guru cards feel like they belong to our brand without custom font colors. Thank you!

+1! Would also love the ability to customize the icon for the collection

Hey there, my name is Jake and I’m a Product Designer here at Guru. I’m working with the team responsible for updates to navigation, as well as customization initiatives we have underway.


All of your feedback definitely resonates with me seeing as I’ve encountered the same challenges in our own instance of Guru when trying to distinguish between Collections at a glance.


We’ve been considering how we might improve this experience and feel confident in a direction, but first wanted to give you all an opportunity to provide any additional feedback you might have. While this doesn’t immediately address the desire for custom colors, we feel it’s a great first step toward giving your teams more flexibility while also improving accessibility for all users. Here’s a short Loom video outlining the proposed updates.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for the update, @Jake Sauer! Super thrilled that this is on Guru’s radar and getting some TLC. 

This is an improvement, but emojis are limited and a single letter might still be difficult to interpret - especially when the same one is used across collections.

Personally I would love to have the ability to add a PNG or SVG! This would open up endless customization possibilities and make collections even easier to distinguish at a glance.

@Jake Sauer this is a great start for sure - will we be able to upload our own emoji (Notion transfer here 🙂 ) or be able to use hex colors like we can in markdown for a broader selection?


@Amelia Altstadt thanks for the feedback! I totally get where you’re coming from with the potential single letter issue. The goal with that solution was to immediately address the accessibility challenge color alone can cause, with hopes that teams would lean into the expressive customization emojis offer.


Excited to hear that custom images would actually work best for your team. That’s the direction we were initially considering, but had a small concern that it might be asking a lot for teams to come up with images for all their collections. Emojis felt like a nice entry point into customization since there’s a whole library immediately available.


@Kendall Sipp-Paris love both of your suggestions. I imagine as we continue to work on additional customization in Guru both of these options could very well become a part of the UI.

I’d love to see Guru take things one step further and provide a clean / consistent set of icons to choose from. AirTable does a nice job of this, with a fairly extensive set of icons (about 125) to choose from in addition to a more expansive color palette.



...Custom images would be amazing as well — I’m setting up Guru for my design agency, so you know we’ve got opinions about visuals :) 

Admins and Collection Owners now have the capability to choose a custom color and a custom emoji badge for the Collection 🎨

To update an existing Collection color, navigate to your Collections tab and click its “ icon to reveal the Collection Settings menu and color/emoji picker.

When creating a new Collection, click the colorful square appearing to the right of the Collection name field to reveal the color/emoji picker.

Thank you to everyone who shared feedback and upvoted this idea!