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Choose Custom Colors for your Collections

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Choose Custom Colors for your Collections

Hi Community! I’m back with another update designed to let you customize the appearance of Guru. Starting today, Collection owners can pick a custom color for each Collection that they own. Collection owners can choose a custom color when they create a Collection, or go back and change the color associated with their Collection at any time.

Choosing custom colors for Collections is another way to make Guru feel more consistent with your other company resources.

Hi @Omar Carrasco this is a nice update. Any chance that in the future we might be able to add a custom cover image for a Collection?

At the moment, we have 8 collections about different business travel verticals such as Cars, Flights, Hotels, Trains, or Collections related to internal tools and systems or standard operating procedures - might not seem as many but if our users (approx 1600 members of Customer Care team) go into Guru and want to browse Collections first instead of searching for a specific card, I think it might help them navigate through Collections faster if we can add our custom cover images, it would make that part more user friendly.