Add a scheduled archive date to Cards

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Feature Request: add a scheduled archive date to cards.

Context: We use one of our boards for announcements of incidents/outages/bugs, and we typically keep those around for ~6 months-1 year depending on content. Would be great to have one less thing to circle back on if we could schedule an archive date!
Yep, totally hear you, great suggestion! I've shared this with our product team.
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Hi! I'm Sandy, the product manager for card creation and editing functionality. I appreciate this feedback, it’s especially helpful to understand what kind of cards you’re trying to archive automatically.


We have our roadmap more or less prioritized for the remainder of the year, but I will definite check back on this post for consideration once we have more bandwidth to prioritize more work.

Tawny, somewhat related to archiving, is scheduled publishing something you would want to use as well?


Hi there, I can see something has been put in place for auto archive which is great, especially as you can set your own plans.

Is there or can there be a way of suggesting cards for archiving based solely on no or low usage rather than having to include unverified status? The reason is many of our cards are permanently verified but rarely used, so for us it would be great to simply filter on that basis.

Apologies if I have missed something, but based on what I have seen, it seems to only allow this function by selecting unverified for so many days?

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Hey @Angela McCarthy! That’s correct, the auto-archive feature is based on the unverified state + number of views while unverified. The Verification Health “Most urgent Cards to verify” analytics report is also pulling Cards based on their “unverified” state. As an alternative, I think you’ll want to use a combination of filters on Card Manager’s “Cards” page, ones like “Collection”, “Last modified date”, “Last Viewed”, and “Last copied”. I’ll leave this feedback “Open” because I can see how the idea is really to build more function for the auto-archive feature we released.