Collection Limiting enhancements for AI Suggest Text to support multiple user groups

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So I just want to start by saying that we’re super buzzed with the Light Users, and off the back of that, I’d like to make a request in relation to “Collection Limiting”

We’re planning on using the Light Users feature, and making more collections publicly available, but this could potentially impact the AISuggest Text for us.

I’m not entirely sure how this would work, but do you think it would be possible to set “AISuggest Text - Collection Limiting” on a per Group basis?

What this would do is allow us to dictate which collections are used for recommending content, on a per group basis. So if we had Managed Services, Sales Engineering and Support content all publically visible, the RevOps team would be able to “see” it on the Collections page, and search through it on the search bar (if they ever needed to), but their AISuggest would recommend content from the Revenue Ops collections, as it was configured on this page.

It’s a bit of an “out there” concept and it’s exceptionally rough, but would increase functionality and make the AISuggest Text even more specific to specialists in their area, leading to more adoption of the tool.

This would be SOOOO helpful. 

Right now a lot of similar content can show up in AI Suggest for the Sales Team and Support Team which as you can imagine is not always contextually appropriate as we do different things. 

While Sales and Support do need to have access to each other’s Collections, it’s rare that Support will need to see Sales cards while on a ticket and vice versa. Sometimes the wrong Collection has precedence in the AI Suggest results so we have to search anyways which kinda defeats the purpose.

Being able to set AI Suggest to pull from a certain Collection(s) when the user is in Group X would be really helpful. OR being able to set a user’s main AI Suggest Collection. 

Then if they need to access the additional Collection, it’s easy enough to search in the extension. 

Hi @Ben Sykes  & @Siobhan Hyser - thanks for sharing what’s happening with AI Suggest Text as you expand to additional departments within your company, these are very helpful details. I don’t have anything definitive to offer yet but I’ll keep my eye on this post!

(Heads up Ben, I’m going to slightly adjust the post title as this could happen regardless of user role). 

@Siobhan Hyser you explained it far better than I did :joy: but I’m glad that other folks would see benefit for it! I’m hopeful and excited! :fingers_crossed: