Enhance Notifications

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We are still struggling with our readership of announcements.  One of my Guru builders (our term for those that create/edit cards, verify, etc) was digging into a different quality need and she realized she has a few unread announcements herself.  Her and I were talking about how on the “Home” Dashboard it is pretty easy to miss the plain black notice about how many unread announcements.  She said she wished that was a bit more in your face.  We like how the callout is in the extension but our agents use Guru in whatever way they prefer.  We also discussed how Guru sends a Slack notification when there are unread announcements but that can get lost.  So we started talking about the red dot on the “Tasks”.  I’m one of those people that hate red notification dots and want to solve them.  The only thing is agents have to click in there to see what tasks...I would be nice to see what needs actioned on and the number (think of an iphone).  So you could see the red notification and a number in it, maybe the “Tasks” is highlighted to stand out more too?  An even bigger win would be from any page in the web browser you would see the red dot with a number and what the tasks are.  3 Unread Announcements, 3 Comments, etc.  Just throwing out ideas!  

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