Follow specific folders or collections for alerts on all new cards and card edits

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Here’s the use case I shared in my company’s general chat.

Is anyone aware of a way to "Follow" Guru collections or folders so they can be notified about any new cards or edits to existing cards?

I got surprised to see a folder (Sales Process > Opportunities) changed in a big way that impacts my work, but I didn't notice it for months until someone mentioned it in a meeting. Would love to get digest emails showing what's new or edited.

I know it's possible to follow a card, but that doesn't really help with my main use case -- understand what's happening in a space that I need to stay informed about. I'd have to go in and follow each new card after it's created... :confused:Guessing there's not a feature for this, and I will suggest it to Guru, but I thought it'd be useful to highlight this as a weakness of our current documentation tools/processes. Other tools I'm familiar with do this (Confluence).

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