Get a Slack notification when a card becomes unverified

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An opt-in feature, whereby when a card becomes unverified, the verifier / author is sent a notification informing them of such via a Slackbot / dedicated Slack channel. 

Although the weekly verification digest is helpful, not everyone looks at these mails, so perhaps an alternate solution could help keep the trust score healthy. 

This feature would be noisy, but could be useful as an optional setting! 

+1 for me - I like getting the comment notifications in my Slack, since I’m likely to have Slack open more than being inside Guru. 

The ability to fine-tune when to get the verification notifications in Slack would also be handy, and the ability to bulk them all together into one update/post is key. E.g., let me know all unverified content at 9 am when I’m logged in and ready to start verifying, versus getting multiple unverified notifications throughout the day. 

Thanks @Grace Taylor

While we don’t currently send notifications as soon as a card becomes unverified in an effort to avoid unnecessary noise and distractions, we do actually have functionality that can accomplish what @brookethebatman is asking for. If you type in enable notifications in a DM with the Guru app in Slack, you should be able to customize your verification notification schedule, allowing you to receive notifications whenever is most helpful for you. You can see more information on how this works in this Help Center article.

Hopefully, enabling a daily notification cadence will solve the primary problem here, but please let me know if there was something else you were looking for.


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Just enabled them!! Thanks so much for the help Jon

@Grace Taylor If you look to fine-tune these notifications, or send notifications to a group channel rather than an individual DM, Zapier can help with that. For example, I use the ‘Card Unverified’ trigger and a Zapier text filter to send notifications to a Slack channel when a card within a specific collection becomes unverified. Works great for teams. :slight_smile:

@Caspar Hübinger wow, this is super helpful! I am definitely interested in fine-tuning Guru/Slack notifications - like you said, it’s great for group ownership. I am considering bringing on Zapier for some other guru use cases, so this is yet another reason to get started on that project. 🙂 Thank you!