Make Collapsible Sections Searchable with CTRL_F Even When Collapsed

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I love that we now have collapsible sections! But they can’t be easily searched using CTRL+F, which makes it seem like the content doesn’t exist if you go into a big wiki full of collapsed sections. We either need CTRL+F to be able to search through those collapsed sections or we need the sections to all open when you CTRL+F, or some other solution. Otherwise, the collapsible sections now become a barrier to finding information.

Hi @Ashley Gordon  👋 I’m a frequent CTRL+F user and can see how important incorporating our new collapsible sections into a search within a Card experience is. I’m going to merge your feedback here with this post because it’s along the same lines:

Thanks for bringing this up! 

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Hi all,


I know this idea has been merged into the overall Ctrl-F idea, but I did want to state that you can now Ctrl-F within a Card content and it will expand any collapsible section that contains the keywords you are searching for. This was actually a different improvement than the one this was merged into.


Happy searching!