Set a format for different types of callouts rather than having to write the markdown code

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Being able to set a format for various types of callouts rather than having to write the markdown code all the time would be great. As more people are using this and coming over from Confluence, it's an expected feature to have that kind of formatting easily available.
As a workaround for now: I've made a private/hidden Guru card that only I can access + favourited it. I dumped all the markdown for callout boxes in there, so I just pull that open to copy + paste as needed onto other cards.

Side note - I would love to see what others' callout boxes look like! Always looking to format mine better
that's a good idea! we have a lot of people who are allowed to create content so i'd love to have this be more accessible/quicker. making a bunch of cards where each card is a callout markup so folks can "copy card content" is a great idea tho. your method make me think of that!
Yeah, I always have the extension open to reference how I formatted/styled other cards while I'm in the web browser view making a new card 😅… just the nature of needing to reference other docs while building docs!
This is great feedback, thanks @siobhan and @bwayne! I'm sharing with our Product team.
I did this too, @brookethebatman! And pull it up in the extension when creating/edit cards. (I also forgot that I created it and it wasn't native in Guru lol.)screenshot2021-02-10at125141pm_2210.png
Oo, I think I'm using a similar one to yours @aberman ❤
You can use TextExpander to create a command that pastes the code.

For example, when I type */warning* it automatically pastes this:

⚠ Warning

Type your warning here

Oh Emma, that's so smart!
Would any of you be willing to share your markdown cheat sheets for the newbs among us who want to steal from your brilliance in our own accounts? Or...can you point to any useful websites where one can copy/paste some templates? :slightlysmilingface: Thank you in advance!!
Here you go! (@aberman and @admin feel free to add yours in there too)
Really appreciate you sharing, folks 🙏
Huge thanks, @bwayne!!
@bwayne Thanks for sharing these! I'd been wanting this for a while and that card just made it super easy to get it 👏
Umm this is amazing! thank you for sharing...
(just copied the card @bwayne sent over into a template for my own guru instance)
No problem at all! Enjoy! And if you play around with the markdown to make them different, please do share them here with us so we can all see the variations :slightlysmilingface:
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