Zapier: Improve Guru Card Comment Created Zap to extract Guru Comment itself

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I currently keep track of all our Guru comments in a Google Sheet (useful to track analytics/usage and track user participation which can be used for performance reviews). Guru comments are used in our feedback cycle to allow anyone to flag missing, unclear or outdated content.

I would like to be able to automate this by having Zapier update this sheet for me instead of me copying and manually entering each comment, but the issue is that there is currently no specific support to extract the comment itself when using the Guru Card Comment Created trigger in Zapier:

While testing the Guru Card Comment Created trigger, there is no exact event for the Comment itself to select/test.
Even when proceeding further, there is no field to map to my spreadsheet to fill in the actual comment from a Guru card itself.


Proposed Solution

Improve the API offerings for Zapier to correctly pick up the Guru Comment field itself, as well as add in the Guru Commenter Name and Guru Comment Date as applicable fields too. This will greatly benefit anyone looking to automate their tracking of Guru comments, since there are no in-app analytics available for Guru comments.

Thanks for posting, Brooke! Let’s see what traction we can gather here. This would be a nice addition to your workflow.

This workflow would be golden! We’re currently receiving approx 30 comments a month whil having migrated only approx 50% of out Knowledge Base library. At the moment it is just me taking care of the comments and am basically doing the same as Brooke - manually copying them into Google Sheet to keep track, process and also use the data. Is there any chance this automation would be possible with Zapier @Steph Hardy

Thanks for the additional context @Lucia Delicova! While this is not on our immediate roadmap, it is definitely something we are continuing to keep on our radar and will monitor if and when it gets more traction here.