How does Guru’s Technical Support team manage requests for internal knowledge creation and updates?

  • 25 October 2021
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Hey everyone! 👋Ever wonder how Guru’s Technical Support team manages requests for internal knowledge creation and updates? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what our process looks like today.

Guru's Technical Support team recently plotted our knowledge creation and updating workflow. We made sure to indicate the sources of knowledge requests, what actions Technical Support takes at every step, and indicated which tasks are manual versus automated.

Guru Technical Support team flowchart of internal and external knowledge creation.

With internal knowledge creation happening at a near real-time pace, we have seen success with automating several stages of our workflow. For example, when a new Guru Card is created within our “Product Q&A” Collection, Technical Support receives a notification from our Guru Slackbot in a dedicated Slack channel (this helps with general awareness of new knowledge across customer-facing teams) and an automated Asana task to review the Card is created (setup using Zapier).

Screenshot of Guru Slackbot automatically posting new Guru Card in the Product Q&A Collection.
Screenshot of Zapier trigger for any new Card created in the Product Q&A Collection to create a new Asana task.


Screenshot of Asana task created from, indicating it’s time to review/verify the Card.

I'm sure you're now wondering, what does our team do with all of these Asana tasks? 🤔

The Technical Support team has a weekly “Knowledge Throwdown 🤠” meeting in which the five of us spend the same half hour independently working on completing the Asana tasks. One teammate might take on writing a new help center article with all of their time, while another might take on verifying multiple Guru Cards and responding to multiple new Card comments. It’s fun to mix it up each week! 🎲

At the end of the half hour, the team hops in a Zoom to reflect and workshop any outstanding questions or issues together. Since launching this program in September, we’ve more than doubled our team’s completed Asana tasks, ensuring new Cards and updates to existing Cards are completed in a timely fashion. 💫

I’d love to hear from @Diana Simmons or @Brantley Merritt and the rest of the Guru Community on what workflows your team has implemented for managing knowledge updates! Drop a comment or question below. 😄

2 replies

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@Marie Frei Curious to double click on this one….


If it is a known issue, I see in your flow chart that your team is creating a FAQ card in the Product Q&A board. Does this process create additional cards for the same topic? For example, lets assume Guru (internally) has a card on using Assist. If there is a known issue, are you also creating a card for Assist FAQs? Rather than updating the original assist card?

This is something I am struggling with now, as my org is feeding back that they’d rather just have one single card that covers a topic, but that seems problematic to me as different teams will have different use cases and reasons for their own version of that content….