12 Days of Guru ❄️ Day 12! Last Day - Share your biggest wins of 2021 and 2022 goals!

  • 16 December 2021
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Good morning Guru Community! WE MADE IT! Welcome to Day 12 of 12 Days of Guru. :snowman:  


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It’s the 12th day .. now what?

Thank you for following along with the 12 days of Guru Challenge! Today is the last day. We’ll be sharing this prompt, and folks who completed the whole challenge have the chance to win the grand prize (worth $300!) 

  • To win today’s prize - Drop your thoughts on today’s prompt in the thread below!

  • To win the GRAND prize - Complete a Year in Review Card or PDF using the Year in Review Card, slide deck, or pdf template and submit it to crojewski@getguru.com by EOD Friday 12/17! Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday. 

  • To celebrate your accomplishments, join our Holiday Deep Dive TODAY at 3pm EST / 12 pm PST. Learn analytics tips, participate in our virtual cookie challenge, and hear from fellow customers @Alex Avila @Anastasia Rybalko  and our head of Community @Chris Anderson  on their 2021 reflections and 2022 goals.

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Day 12 Challenge!



What were your biggest wins fo the year? What’s next in 2022? Share your thoughts below!


Thank you for such an amazing year with Guru. Can’t wait to hear your wins. See you at the Deep Dive! 

8 replies

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I know I’ve said this a lot throughout the other 12 days prompts, but around this time last year, we purchased Guru, and throughout 1H 2021 we got our entire company onboarded (~50+ people). Pre-Guru we used Confluence, and pages were sometimes written, then never read again. With Guru and the slack integration, our biggest win has been the ability to more easily reference documentation, and we do have a higher access rate than we ever saw with Confluence. This year, seeing someone ask a question on slack then follow-up a few minutes later with an “oh wait, I found a Guru card about it” has been the highlight of my year!

For 2022, @Ian Link and I want to revamp our knowledge council for more employee engagement, and if 2022 has another 12 Days, hopefully we can report even better stats :) 

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2021 Milestones:

  • Our team added almost 600 new pieces knowledge to Guru this year. We went from zero to absolute hero!
  • We created over 60 troubleshooting guides.
  • We have over 150 support enablement cards.
  • Our team kept our knowledge in Guru over 97% trusted all year.

2022 Goals:

  • Our company's Guru usage will expand to all GTM teams and will serve as a single source of truth for product, process, and HR information.
  • All product releases will go through Guru and we will build a strategy to keep all teams informed about all aspects of an upcoming release.
  • We'll have content creators from all teams with access to Guru who will help build an accurate, detailed, and reliable knowledge base.
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I will mirror what @Amanda Labby said and say that our biggest win was just getting Guru stood up, having so much information written, and getting the adoption we have from the company! We have a long road ahead of us but I feel like Guru makes that road just a little easier to walk.

To me, our 2022 is about refinement and closing that last bit of adoption. I am also looking at building further automation and integration between Guru and our various other external solutions to reduce duplication of our knowledge (ReadMe.io, ticketing portal, etc).

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@Ian Link and @Amanda Labby hit the nail on the head. When we first introduced Guru, the process of migrating knowledge from tools like Confluence, Notion, and Drive seemed insurmountable. We finally broke through and launched V1 to our Sales and CS teams around Q3 this year and people were blown away by the simplicity of the extension and how smoothly it fit into their daily workflows. This was a huge achievement for our small Enablement team (4 people) to support most of the organization. 


Next year, we’ll be pairing Guru with our new LMS to make new employee onboarding as efficient as possible. Since our adoption is so high, it’ll be vital to continue that trend as we scale the team. Now that we’ve learned the ropes, we feel confident that next year’s new hires will ramp faster with tools like Knowledge Triggers at their disposal.

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2021 Highlights: 

  • 160 - 283 weekly active users is just WOW. It’s incredible to see the impact in real time as we add more and more users that they are active and using the platform
  • Utilizing guru more alongside our LMS system
  • Revamping tags and search
  • Laid the groundwork for our “30 seconds or less” initiatives
  • Our team added 457 new pieces of information this year

2022 Goals:

  • Continued organization
  • Alignment with other teams and working with @Renee Osgood to make guru scalable and searchable
  • Make an impact with our “30 seconds or less” initiatives
  • Our team will keep our knowledge in Guru 99% trusted all year by updating verification timelines and hosting quarterly verification sprints.


Seriously excited to see Ceros thrive with Guru in the new year! :heart_eyes:

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2021 Milestones:

  • We established a taskforce in July that has vastly improved our team’s use (and willingness to use) of Guru
  • 98% and 100% adoption from our support teams
  • a huge tagging spree to improve searchability of our content

2022 Goals:

  • expand usage and content creation across the company
  • establish a Knowledge Council of rotating members so there are many Guru gurus!
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2021 Highlights:

  • Migrated all Google Wiki site content to Guru in August, totaling over 500 Cards
  • Rolled out Guru to the full company in September 2021
  • Added over 400 new Cards since September
  • Kicked off our Knowledge Council in December 

2022 Goals:

  • Upgrade to the Builder Plan! (that’s for sure the biggest)
  • Improve company-wide Trust Score, using the Knowledge Council as a catalyst to make that happen
  • Improve ‘offboarding’ process of switching Verifiers when someone leaves or switches departments, etc.
  • Continue to add a TON more content… we have so much to keep adding to Guru!
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2021 Milestones:

  • Added 56 new Guru Experts to manage cards for their teams across Carta's 1,500 users
  • Maintained 90%+ adoption rate
  • Average of 597 interactions across 500 consistently active users
  • Synced Carta's support site into Guru, which added 660 new cards

2022 Goals:

  • Carta will increase our trust score to 70% in 2022 by updating verification cadences and consolidating content between collections. [🤞 hoping the ability for cards to be hosted between multiple collections is released in 2022]
  • Carta will increase the number of Guru Experts to help manage and verify the content by updating the Guru certification and connecting our Experts together quarterly to discuss blockers and next steps.