12 Days of Guru ❄️ Day 6! Knowledge Gaps and Funny Searches!

  • 8 December 2021
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Good morning Guru Community! Welcome to Day 6 of 12 Days of Guru. :snowman: Can you believe we’re already halfway through?! It’s been amazing to see your participation and wins so far. 


Yesterday's Winner …


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What is the 12 Days of Guru?

If you are hearing of 12 Days of Guru for the first time, starting December 1st until our Holiday Deep Dive on December 16th, we'll be dropping a series of tips in the Guru Community to help you recognize your 2021 impact with Guru.

  • Participants will have the chance to win prizes daily by measuring the Guru metric of the day and sharing your findings in the thread. 

  • By the end of the 12 Days, you’ll have all the information you’ll need to complete a Year in Review Card or PDF you can share with your team. 

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Day 6 Challenge!


Today we’ll be reflecting on knowledge gaps you’ve been able to fill in 2021. These will come anecdotally as you reflect on the year.


What questions came up in your team chat tool/Slack that were turned into Guru Cards? Did you expand to a new department this year, and create knowledge for a people ops collection or product collection? 


One way customers tend to find knowledge gaps and create Cards is by looking at the searches producing no results, and spinning up those keywords into optimized Guru Cards. @Sarah W recently shared how this approach contributed to stellar adoption at YNAB in last month’s Deep Dive, check it out here if you’re interested: 



Share an example knowledge gap you filled in 2021 below!


Bonus (aka double entries for tomorrow’s prize!) if you share a funny search term from 2021 :sunglasses:


To review searches producing no results: 

  1. Web App: Go to the web app (app.getguru.com) and the initial dashboard will display the trust score. You can always return to the dashboard by clicking the 'G' icon in the left hand corner of the navigation bar.DO_+Understanding+Trust+Score.png 
  2. Navigate to the overview tab in analytics.

  3. In the top left, change the Date to be “In the Year 2021”
  4. Refresh!
  5. Look at the bottom half of the screen for searches producing results and searches producing no results. What are some funny/surprising terms your team was searching for?


Check out this loom video for a walk through: 


Share below for the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card or Guru swag item of your choice! The winner will be announced tomorrow morning with our Day 7 Challenge post. :relaxed:


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12 replies

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I honestly think that all of our content this year filled in huge knowledge gaps:sweat_smile:  We didn’t have most of that info documented anywhere previously.

If I were to single out one group of cards though, those would be our troubleshooting guides. We now have an entire board with cards that include detailed troubleshooting steps and issue escalation guides for our entire product.

As for funny search terms, we have lots of gibberish queries from when people don’t change the language on their keyboard, as well as some first names, but my favorite ones are these:


  1. I mean, who wouldn’t want to find the ultimate guide for a well-known flow!


  1. And an existential customer service question:


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What a win to get troubleshooting guides figured out @Anastasia Rybalko ! :blush:  Knowledge creation is very much distributed at Guru in 2021, but I can share knowledge gaps our Community Learning and Love team at Guru filled!


  1. Customer stories → We added a bunch more customer story cards speaking to our Guru use cases to serve the Go-to-Market team’s needs.
  2. New software information → We implemented a new email software, so my team member Chelsea created background information in Guru for the Guru team members who would be frequent users of the software. If this is something you’ll need to do in the new year, I highly recommend checking out @Shona Fenner ‘s Deep Dive on Software Implementation with Guru. 
  3. New process information → To best serve our Community, our team meetings monthly to share trends and insights about FAQs from customers. Those trends turn into promotion plans for existing resources or net-new self-serve resources. We only just launched this sync in Q3/Q4. Documenting our approach, meeting cadence, and more in Guru was a knowledge gap filled this year!


Re: searches in 2021, I have questions about what my colleagues had questions about :joy:

“me undies”




How about you? Tagging some of our new community members, would love to hear from you! @Zubeida Kudoos @Patrick Dowcett @Eric Mazzella @Michael Olver @Paul Gimmel @frnkr @Gary Morin @Danielf @Sam Eastburn @Noah Kershaw @Jeremy Heersink @Jeremy Buehler @Conan Pobar @Anthony Luna @Kristin Forsberg @Joe Carroll @Eric Cohen @Adrian Pogorzelski @Dan Smith 

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This year has been a lot about filling knowledge gaps, but the biggest filled gap came from moving content into Guru so it was more accessible. And we’ve been filling Guru knowledge gaps for our team!


Some funny search terms: “julian” and “donut”

Searches without results: mostly typos or alternate spellings, plus a lot of acronyms. best one is “cucina casareccia”. or maybe “crapscore” 

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Love this one! My favorite funny search term is ugh, searched twice by @Ian Link ! I remember reaching out to him about what he was looking for, and I think he was trying to use /giphy but accidentally used /guru in slack :grinning:

And then getting into the fun misspellings/typos, and someone who really didn’t know what to search for 


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We have been working towards filling our knowledge gaps this year. More notably we have been using our LMS alongside guru to fill onboarding gaps for otherwise informally documents lessons/learnings. 

Re: searches that are...interesting 


“respnsi”, "evl/olve", and "righgsig"

All in good fun :laughing:

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Thanks @Amanda Labby, haha! I am a heavy Giphy user in my e-comm, especially during this Pandemic. I was doing to point out the “ugh’ and “dunno” entries (both mine, I’m sure!). I do feel we have people just searching for random initialism’s some times, with all our random letters being searched.

Our biggest gap, for me, has been the Sales Department and the customer question support we have been able to document in Guru to allow for immediate access to answers and solutions. It has greatly increased efficiently when on calls and having the answer available in the moment. 


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Looks like we’re seeing some searches for small competitors that don’t have any documentation… that’s something to fix! 


BUT, the funniest one… there have been 3 searches for “taco”????

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These insights are so cool… we’re on Starter plan so don’t have analytics. But I did send out a Guru Feedback Survey recently to the company and asked two questions that align with this general theme:

  • Is there anything that is NOT currently in Guru that you think could be or should be in Guru?
  • What type of Cards are you accessing/searching for the most often in Guru?

We got some great feedback on the first question in particular, which has helped guide some teams (like HR) on what people are requesting to have in Guru. The second question also validated an assumption I had, which is that people are accessing/searching company, HR, and standard process documentation the most.

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This year has been huge for us in terms of growth and Guru has been so helpful in having easily searchable, up to date information. Some of the interesting missed searches are people searching in other languages besides English or spelling things so wrong that it didn’t get picked up on. Generally people are looking for HR policies or sales info when those searches are missed and we have passed those missed searches on for those gaps to be filled :) 

Some searches without results: bereavement, lfg (searching for an acronym people often use internally), and "brendan"

Since we implemented Guru in 2021 all content fills a huge knowledge gap. What's interesting is that the search term Guru is on the 3. place of search terms producing results. I guess people like to know more about Guru on Guru. :smile:

Another funny search term is Costa Rica, which didn't produce any results. It's a pity, right?

Jokes aside, I think missed searches are a great opportunity to discover knowledge gaps.

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I am having fun with this one…:joy: Looking at this, I surmise that folks know what info would live in Guru since most of our searches with no results are just misspelled words or typos...Aside from that, these are the ones I like.







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It’s very clear that our top users are all in Sales :joy: Most of the searches producing results are related to the sales process, and most of the searches not producing results are typos. Our team could probably get better at tagging to help handle various word forms. For example, below we see that the team searched for “vapes”, but I use the term “vaporizer” for tagging. I always forget to look at these, so it’s great to see some actionable data here.