12 Days of Guru ❄️ Day 8! Celebrate your Guru Users!

  • 10 December 2021
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Good morning Guru Community! Welcome to Day 8 of 12 Days of Guru. :snowman: Countdown till we celebrate together at the Deep Dive on the 16th!


Yesterday's Winner …


Thank you so much for participating and sharing your total # of Guru users in 2021! @Elizabeth Fugikawa @Alex Avila @Shona Fenner @Amanda Labby @Nina Frank @Valerie Renda @Ian Link @Anastasia Rybalko @kelly 


You were all entered in our daily drawing. The winner from Day 7 is ….  @Elizabeth Fugikawa!!!!! you will get to chose between a $25 gift card or Guru swag. Be on the look out for a message in your email inbox!


What is the 12 Days of Guru?

If you are hearing of 12 Days of Guru for the first time, starting December 1st until our Holiday Deep Dive on December 16th, we'll be dropping a series of tips in the Guru Community to help you recognize your 2021 impact with Guru.

  • Participants will have the chance to win prizes daily by measuring the Guru metric of the day and sharing your findings in the thread. 

  • By the end of the 12 Days, you’ll have all the information you’ll need to complete a Year in Review Card or PDF you can share with your team. 

  • You’ll be able to submit your final Card for a grand prize. 

  • At the Deep Dive, we'll meet to share our wins, mix and mingle, and celebrate before the holidays!

Follow along with these 12 Days of Guru resources and don’t forget to RSVP to the Deep Dive:


Day 8 Challenge!


Today we’ll be identifying our Guru Power Users of 2021. we have at our companiesThis will be the start of a few metrics to celebrate our Guru users, so stay tuned!



Who are your Top Guru Power Users?


  1. Web App: Go to the web app (app.getguru.com) and head to the Analytics Tab
  2. Head to the Users Section in the Analytics Tab
  3. Change the date range to be “in the year 2021”
  4. Look at the bottom left section “Usage by User”
  5. Download CSV
  6. Import CSV into a spreadsheet tool like excel or Google Spreadsheets
  7. Find the sum of usage counts for each user for the whole year
  8. Sort the sum column by descending 
  9. Find who rises to the top!


  • Usage encompasses all Guru active user events, including each time a user views, copies, searches, verifies, or edits a Card. There will always be fluctuations, but overall, strong teams will continually reach high usage levels.
  • It’s important to decide how you want to measure power users. Are you interested in power users for the year, or just from December 2021 (this could happen for a variety of reasons - maybe you recently hired a bunch of folks and want to include them in the metric, etc). 
  • You can use this metric as an opportunity to highlight engaged users from different groups (i.e. which Sales reps were top power users). 



Share below for the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card or Guru swag item of your choice! The winner will be announced tomorrow morning with our Day 9 Challenge post. :relaxed:


P.S. New to Guru Analytics? Learn more in these help center articles: 

7 replies

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This one was interesting! When I measured Guru’s own power users usage data, I found the users with heavy usage made sense for their role. Aka, me, who owns a lot of customer story cards / public cards that we send to customers. I decided to take myself out of the equation, which brought me to these top 10 users. We’re looking at folks in Support, Marketing, Sales, CX, and Engineering! 



These folks author a lot of Cards, so I when reporting this back to the team, I am going to call out top users in different groups like “Sales Reps”. It will be interesting to call out folks who aren’t authoring a ton of Cards, but still heavily interact with Guru content. 


What were your learnings? Calling in new members @Calvin Yip @Haiko Krumm @James Penny @Joe Bradshaw @Steve Tsuchiyama @Senya Rahmil @christian hafer @Loren Rothman @David Laffitte @Deborah Atkinson @Heather Katsoulis @Larissa Miralles @Nisha Jacobs @Derek Vollebregt 

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Who are your Top Guru Power Users?

Our top user at 3232 is from our student experience operations team. I came in second at 2888, consistent with my team’s (project management) numbers at around the 2000s range. We document a lot processes. 

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Just like you @Callie Rojewski I choose to not include myself as I live inside of guru lol

Our top users came in at 9,427, 4,402, and 3,303!!! 

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So this is odd. Amanda and I are (again) getting different numbers! I am loving seeing some new hires already climbing the Guru ranks here though.


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am seeing different numbers than @Ian Link , (I believe it’s my own user error) but the order is the same! The top 10 has representatives from our support, product, integration, and customer success teams, which is so good to see!

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User Usage
Elizabeth 5467
Patrick 4313
Mia 2045


Probably need to ignore myself. If you take out me and Patrick, the highest numbers are 2045, 1810, and 1802, which is much more reasonable. 

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So inspiring to see everyone’s usage stats here! Our top users are from the Support team:




But when I looked at just December, it turns out that our Finance and Success team (who just recently joined Guru) are also nearing the top positions. So happy to see the adoption happening!