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  • 9 July 2021
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What does the status on my feedback mean? 


First of all, thank you for sharing your thoughts on what changes would be helpful to you! Customer feedback is a major part of our decision-making process for improving Guru so we rely on customers like you to share your thoughts.

Now that you’ve submitted a piece of feedback and it has a status, you might be wondering what that status means. Read on to find the answer to that very question!


Status What it means
 Open  All new posts will be in this status by default.
 Accepted  We intend to find a solution to this problem, but we don't have a specific plan in mind yet. We may be actively thinking about or researching it. Posts in this status are usually in open discussion.

We have a specific plan to address this problem, and it is slotted into our backlog or roadmap. It may be something we can solve in the near term, or it may take longer. Either way, we intend to solve this with a change to Guru.

 Complete  A solution for this challenge exists or has been built! We will make sure to share information about the solution so you can take advantage of it.
 Won’t do  We have determined this is not something we plan to work on in the future. This could be because it does not align with our strategy, would take time away from work that is closer to our mission, or because it does not appear likely to be valuable to a significant portion of our customer base.
 Duplicate  Another post is the primary place for discussion about this topic. The main post will be linked in the duplicate post's comments. 



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