Coming soon: maintain a high verification score, automatically

  • 26 July 2023
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ETA: Release date shifted to early November

Hi Guru Community! I’m really excited to share a new automation that’s coming to Guru this fall. We’ve heard from users like you that it can take a lot of work to keep your content fresh and your Verification Score high. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature that will automatically clean up stale content so information in Guru is trusted and relevant.


Once a week, this feature will identify unverified and unused content and archive it–automatically! Let it run in the background and it will tidy up your Guru instance without you needing to lift a finger. We’ll be releasing the feature with default archiving settings that reflect best practices from our most successful customers, based on our decade of experience in knowledge management (KM).


We’re also giving admins control over how this feature gets implemented in your instances, so auto-archiving can reflect your company’s KM strategy. Admins will have the ability to preview Cards that are about to be archived and remove Cards from the archive queue. If you’d like even more control, you’ll be able to adjust the criteria used to determine which Cards are auto-archived. You can also choose to turn this feature off if auto-archiving isn’t right for you. Because this is a new automated feature, we recommend communicating your auto-archive settings to Collection owners who don’t have admin access so they know what to expect.


If you have Cards that meet the default criteria for auto-archiving, the first auto-archive will run one week after the feature is released. You’ll have a week to adjust criteria, review the queue, remove Cards from the queue, or turn off auto-archiving altogether. 


As a reminder, archived Cards are still saved in Guru, and you can restore them at any time if you decide the content is relevant (even after it’s auto-archived)! Learn more about auto archiving in the Help Center. Auto-archiving will be available for teams on our Builder edition or above. 




  • What are the default criteria for auto archive?
    • By default, only Cards that are both unverified for 6 months AND have had zero views while unverified will be archived.  
    • Admins can adjust these settings.
  • Will we be able to see a list of all cards that get archived at this time?
    • Yes! Admins will be able go into Card Manager and see a list of Cards about to be archived by filtering the list of Cards by “Verification Expiration Date”. This will make it easy for users to see which Cards of theirs will soon become unverified based on whatever timeframes they have chosen. 
    • The Tasks > Verification queue will also include a new column “Pending Auto Archive”. This provides a way for users to see which Cards are about to be archived.
    • As described above, they can also invite Collection Owners to control auto archive settings for their Collections.
    • There will be one week to review Cards, update auto archive settings, or turn auto archive off.
  • If there is a list, will this list be separate from all other cards that have been archived in the past?
    • Yes! You will be able to filter auto archived Cards separately from manually archived Cards.
  • If I link to a Card that has been auto archived, will it be a broken link? 
    • If an auto-archived Card is linked within another card, it’ll appear as “invalid.” Authors and Collection Owners who had access to the Card will be able to see it and restore it.


7 replies

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Very cool! Guru team is just churning out the good updates!

Love that it can work in the background but have adjustments for Admin side as well! 

Our team discussing the capabilities of this function, and are curious what happens to an auto-archived card when it’s linked to another live card. Does that link disappear; stay there as a broken link? Is this something we’ll need to monitor when this is enabled? Thanks for your help! 

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Hi Community! I wanted to check in with a quick update on the release date for auto archive. We want to create the most awesome experience possible for users like you, and during the internal roll-out of the feature at Guru HQ, we learned some ways we can make auto archive even better. This means we’re pushing back the release date to later in September to better connect it to improvements that are coming to verification.

Which I guess is a bit of a spoiler that there are some really cool improvements coming to verification in Guru 😁

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Nice. One question though: what is the best practice here when a card that was auto-archived actually is needed now. Will it still show in search results?

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Hi @Minetta Gould ! So sorry for missing your question, we are working through this now and will update you when we know more about expected behavior here!


@Lars Böhnke — great question! Cards that are archived are still available through the “archived” section of Card manager, where you can use filters to locate archived Cards of interest. They will not show up in search results. 

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Hi all! We’ve updated this post with some common FAQs, so be sure to check it out!