Guru Awards Challenge: Choose your Awards

  • 23 February 2022
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Looking to celebrate all the folks on your team who make the outcomes of Guru possible? You’re in the right place!


Welcome to step one of the Guru Awards challenge :tada:


Today we’ll choose what awards will be included in your Guru Awards announcement and ceremony. Here are some suggestions. Leverage the list, and feel free to create your own. Share your ideas below to give other Guru Community members ideas!


Suggested Awards!


Award Reason
Master of the Guru Universe Most Cards created
Card Conqueror(s) New Guru users and/or power users crushing it from the start!
Sherlock Holmes Award Most cards found/viewed
Xerox award Most cards copied
MVP - Most Verifier Player Highest personal trust score - most cards verified
Guroofiest Funniest search terms 
Guru, but make it fashion. Author of the most-used card
Most likely to ask “Did you Guru it?” Always searching Guru & contributing to it 
HashTAG - amazing Most searchable content - Best use of tags
Shoulder tap destroyer Person who is the verifier of the most cards
MacGyver Award Adds/edits existing cards to make them even better
The Regina George(s) Author of most favorited Cards


Next Steps

Now that you’ve chosen your awards, it’s time to identify your honorees.


Head to the next step, and don’t forget to come back to the original challenge post to share your experience creating your own Guru Awards and get your exclusive Community badge!



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