Guru Awards Challenge: Identifying your honorees

  • 23 February 2022
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Looking to celebrate all the folks on your team who make the outcomes of Guru possible? You’re in the right place!


Welcome to step two of the Guru Awards challenge :tada:


Today we’ll choose our award winners by using Guru data. As you pull the numbers to decide the winners, keep these things in mind:

  • Spread the wealth: We should celebrate the most amount of people so if there was a duplicate name (person won more than one category) you can give the award to the next highest person

  • Verify winners: Work with your team to make sure everyone on the list still works there/makes sense.

  • Agree on timeline: Are you pulling data for the last year? 6 months? Decide your timeline and stay consistent!


 Identifying honorees

Next Steps

Now that you’ve chosen your awards, it’s time to create your presentation. 

Head to the next step, and don’t forget to come back to the original challenge post to share your experience creating your own Guru Awards and get your exclusive Community badge!



Master of the Guru Universe → Most Cards created

  1. Make sure you have access to all of the Collections in your account (unless you want to exclude certain Collections from the Awards).

  2. Go to Card Manager in their account & export all Cards.

  3. Paste the results into a google sheet - you will be using this a lot. Since you'll need to splice and dice it in different ways, I'd recommend keeping the full version in one tab of your sheet and naming it "Full Data."

  4. Copy the full sheet over to a second tab and delete all columns except author and card title. Make a pivot table based on unique Card titles by Author. Sort the results in descending order. Pull the top 3 people.

Card Conqueror(s) → New Guru users and/or power users crushing it from the start!

  1. If there's a new hire Group in your customer's account, you can use that to see which new hires are leveraging Guru consistently from day 1. If there isn't a clear list, ask your team for one.

  2. Go to Analytics in their account > specify the time frame & Group (filter accordingly) > User tab > Usage by User > click "Count" to sort the names in descending order. Pull the names of those folks that are consistently leveraging Guru or even increasing their use of Guru.

Sherlock Holmes Award → Most cards found/viewed

  1. Go to Analytics in your account

  2. Specify the time frame (filter accordingly)

  3. Click the User tab

  4. In the User Views widget, click "Card Viewed" so it sorts the data in descending order.

  5. Pull the top 3 names.



Xerox Award → Most copied Cards

  1. Go to Analytics in your account

  2. Specify the time frame (filter accordingly)

  3. Click the User tab

  4. In the User Views widget, click "Card Copied" so it sorts the data in descending order.

  5. Pull the top 3 names. 



MVP - Most Verifier Player → Highest personal trust score (most cards verified)

This one's a little more manual since trust state doesn't export. But it's worth it :)

  1. You can use the same export you used for the first award to understand who are the top verifiers in their account. Copy the data from the "Full Data" tab into a new tab and then delete all columns except title and verifier. Or, export all the Cards again and you'll get sent an email of the results.

  2. Make a pivot table with these two attributes (just replace verifier with author in the first example) to see which verifiers have the most cards. To make your life a little easier, start with the folks who have the most cards to verify (since their personal trust score will have the most impact anyway)

  3. Since this award is measuring the highest individual trust score, you can then go back into their Card Manager and filter to "Verifier = X NAME" and see how many Cards they have. Since you already know how many total Cards they have to verify, filter to Trust State = Untrusted to see of the total amount that they have, how many are untrusted. I just took note of the % of the top folks and then pulled the top 3.

Guroofiest → Funniest search terms 

  1. Go to Analytics in their account

  2. Specify the time frame (filter accordingly)

  3. Click the Overview tab

  4. Click Searches Not Producing Results.

This one's pretty subjective but just look through them to find funny spelling errors or when people accidentally put a whole sentence. Keep it light & fun, and pass these by your fellow team organizers beforehand.

Guru, but make it fashion → Author of the most-used card

  1. Go to Card Manager in your account
  2. Set the filter "Creation Date" based on what you decided upon
  3. Click "Viewed" so it sorts the results in descending order.
  4. Scroll left to see who the Authors are on the top viewed Cards.



Most likely to ask “Did you Guru it?”  → Always searching Guru & contributing to it

Ask your team organizers for this one!

HashTAG - amazing  → Most searchable content / Best use of tags

This one is also pretty manual. Go through Boards in their account to see where Tags were used consistently (and in a recommended amount). If you want to get an idea of where to start, you can go into Team Settings > Tag Manager and see what departments seem to be more organized and then dig specifically into that content.

As an alternative for larger teams, you could use the Card export (of all Cards in their account) and then add a filter view so you could see all Cards that have Tags. image.png

You can then set the filter to be the condition that you only want to pull up cells that aren't empty (see below).

Based on this data, you can see who the authors are that have consistently been adding Tags to Cards and get a high-level look at how they look. If there are some that are super long or variations on the same tag (us and USA) you can tell these wouldn't be the right folks. If you see some promising ones, go and check out the content that Authors made and then pull their name for the award.


Shoulder tap destroyer → Person who is the verifier of the most cards

You can reuse the pivot table you made for the MVP award to see who's the verifier on the most Cards. For this award, the trust score of those Cards doesn't matter - this is really a SME award.


MacGyver Award → Adds/edits existing cards to make them even better

Using the exported Cards, this time make a pivot table of the folks who last modified the Cards. You can delete all columns except "Title" and "Last Modified By." Once you have the folks who have modified the most number of unique Cards, take the names down.


The Regina George(s) → Author of most favorited Cards


  1. Go to Card Manager in their account
  2. Click Saved Filters then > Most Favorited. This will automatically pull up Cards that have been favorited at least 5 times.
  3. Based on the account, change this number until you get 3 unique authors.


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