Guru Deep Dive Recap: Creating & Engaging a Knowledge Council

  • 21 October 2021
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Hey y’all! Today we dove into creating and engaging knowledge councils. Shoutout to our panelists @Grace Taylor and @Deborah Sanderfur for sharing their experiences!


A knowledge council is a group of representatives from each of the departments or teams that are using Guru, who meet regularly to collaborate, share best practices, and maintain Guru at the highest level to ensure it's serving the needs of each and every department.


At the beginning of the Deep Dive (0-18:00), we walked through how to: 

  1. Identify stakeholders to join your knowledge council.

  2. Develop your Guru goals and governance structure to set maintenance expectations.

  3. Outline council responsibilities for members to consistently manage and update Guru.

  4. Define your internal comms approach for updating and supporting knowledge council members.



Use these Knowledge Council Charter and Knowledge Council Maintenance Checklist Card templates to kick off your knowledge council efforts.


Learn from other Guru Customers

Hear from @Grace Taylor and @Deborah Sanderfur , Sales Enablement at Dataiku and Articulate respectively, on how they rolled out knowledge councils.


Grace Taylor (19:00-30:37)

  • How Dataiku uses Guru
  • Signs it was time to form a knowledge council
  • Creating a pilot knowledge council
  • Determining their a governance structure
  • Learnings from their first knowledge council meeting

Deborah Sanderfur (30:57-43:25)

  • How Articulate uses Guru
  • Their team-by-team approach to building their knowledge council, known internally as the “Guru Committee”
  • How they communicate with their 26-member committee on Slack and during their monthly meeting agenda

Q&A (43:25)

  • If your knowledge council stakeholders are not Guru experts, so how do you educate them on the best ways to use Guru over time?

  • How can you get stakeholders to follow through on updating and creating cards, especially when they have their own time sensitive deadlines to meet (i.e. sales team personas)?

  • How to create and enforce the mindset of "documentation adds value"?


Next steps:

  • Now that you’ve watched the Deep Dive and reviewed the resources, are you inspired to put them into action? Let us know in this Deep Dive Feedback Form for the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card! 


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3 replies

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The link for Knowledge Council Charter isn’t working for me! ...looks like its missing the colon.

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Hey @Shona Fenner  thank you for catching that! The link in the post has been updated! Here it is as well:

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tagging in for visibility of this amazing recap: @Eric Dickstein & @Kate Hutchinson