Guru Deep Dive Recap: Increasing Guru Adoption

  • 19 November 2021
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Hey everyone! This week at the Guru Deep Dive, we learned tips and tricks for increasing Guru adoption. Shoutout to our customer speakers @Sarah W  @kelly and @Nina Frank for sharing their experiences at YNAB, Ceros, and Hopin!


During this Deep Dive (0-18:00), we covered how you can close your Guru adoption GAP: 

  1. Gather. Make sure Guru is the #1 place to go for knowledge, and that your team can access what they need, within their workflows.

  2. Assemble. Embrace the saying “Better together”— find insights and change behavior by analyzing group patterns and creating accountability.

  3. Personalize. Get your team excited about Guru by gamifying the experience, weaving in incentives, content surprises, memes, gifs and more. 



Grab the Guide to Increasing Guru Adoption Card and find action steps and resources to help you increase Guru adoption at your company. 


Pro Tips: 

Sarah Walworth, Internal Comms, YNAB (15:43)

  • Make sure content is only in Guru
  • Emphasize the Google Chrome Extension
  • Create “Guru routines” to build habits

Kelly Parks, Revenue Enablement, Ceros (32:39)

  • Utilize adoption analytics
  • Prioritize search experience
  • Understand user behavior over time
  • Rinse & repeat!

Nina Frank, Internal Comms, Hopin (47:06)

  • Make hype videos
  • Embrace a Naughty & nice list
  • Hold a Card challenge + incentives
  • Tip: Executive endorsement helps


Continue the conversation! Share your Guru adoption challenges, approaches, and wins in the Q&A section of the Guru Community! Jump in on the thread here:







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