Guru Deep Dive Recap: Making the Case for Knowledge Hires

  • 23 September 2021
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Hey y’all! Today we dove into when and (when not) to make knowledge hires. Shoutout to our panelists @Radhika Parashar @David Parle @Joaquin Felix Dalla Via and @Julia Soffa for sharing their experiences!


At the beginning of the Deep Dive, we walked through how you can: 

  1. Assess your organization's knowledge maturity (hint: use the knowledge maturity model, linked below)

  2. Elevate internal subject matter experts to make the most of your team's capacity

  3. Find signs of burnout, low engagement and “group ownership mentality” 

  4. Define your knowledge hire’s job description and KPIs


Next, we talked to panelists in sales enablement, support, and internal comms team roles from Figma, Stuart, and Guru and learned [11:34]:

  • Why each team brought on Guru
  • What roadblocks they were hitting that made them bring on human resources 
  • What the responsibilities and KPIs are of knowledge managers roles
  • Tips for a new knowledge manager joining a team who wants to establish their value and role internally




So … is it time for a knowledge manager? Now that you’ve watched the Deep Dive and reviewed the resources, are you inspired to put them into action? Let us know what your next steps are below!


Next steps:


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2 replies

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Media not available. 😕

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I’m so sorry about that broken link, @Ernest Mucheru! I’ve updated the link to the recording so that you can watch it now. 👍