Guru Deep Dive Recap: Product Enablement

  • 28 January 2022
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Hey everyone! This week at the Guru Deep Dive, we learned tips and tricks for product enablement with Guru.


Shoutout to our product experts and speakers @John Josi @Martin Evans and @Kate Hutchinson for sharing their experiences at Ramp, Enerflo, and Guru.


Guru for Product Enablement 

During this Deep Dive we covered how you can use Guru to support communication along the product lifecycle. We define product enablement as the end-to-end product development and delivery process.


Planning and development 

Goal: Keep everyone aligned with rapidly evolving details across multiple departments.

  • Research, requirements, project specs, and project tracking

  • Product team → design team → engineering team, continuous feedback loop 

  • Template: Active Project Resources and External Links 


Release prep

Goal: Ensure all teams feel confident about the upcoming feature release in their respective roles. 

  • Thoroughly test and prepare for release while empowering customer-facing teams with expertise on the feature.

  • Simultaneous QA with product development team and enablement for customer-facing teams. 

  • Template: Feature Breakdown Card (Release Note) 



Enablement  & Ongoing Support

Goal: Provide customer-facing teams with real-time feature knowledge that supports them directly in their workflow. 


  • Empower customer-facing teams (like Sales and Support) with instant access to updated product details.

  • Create an ongoing resource for FAQs and additional customer talking points. 

  • Template by @Shona Fenner : Feature Documentation and Index


Troubleshooting & FAQ

Goal: Provide customer-facing teams with information they need to help customers troubleshoot issues when a product doesn’t work as it’s supposed to.

  • Template by @brookethebatman : Product Feature Support Troubleshooting


Pro Tips: 

@Kate Hutchinson, Principal Product Marketer at Guru (6:24)

  • Root product messaging and knowledge in empathy for the end user
  • Create strong processes along the product lifecycle so teammates know what to expect
  • Leverage templates, knowledge alerts and announcements in internal communication channels

@John Josi, Product Operations at Ramp (14:59)

  • Ramp’s troubleshooting and FAQs process runs through Slack which allows team to create Guru Cards quickly

  • Break down feature cards into feature descriptions and marketing messaging

  • Detail steps of the user journey into separate Cards to help people to jump to specific steps and increase search ability

Martin Evans, Product Owner at Enerflo (24:14)

  • Be intentional about how you craft cards; invest in creating the right documentation now
  • Rally team members to contribute product knowledge during “all hands on deck” events - at Enerflo, they called theirs “Guru BUILD Days”
  • Maintain updated information with verification feature - Enerflo is on a 3 month verification cycle



Continue the conversation! 

Questions for our experts? Stuck on product enablement? Drop your thoughts and challenges below so we can continue the conversation. 

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