Guru Deep Dive Recap: The Impact of Guru and Measuring the ROI of Knowledge Management

  • 13 August 2022
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This week we gathered to hear tips from Chris Anderson, Senior Director of Lifecycle Engagement & Retention at Guru and @Hillary Curran, Director of Customer Success at Guru about measuring and articulating Guru’s ROI impact at your organization.

At a time when many companies are tightening their budgets, a question you might hear is “Do we really need Guru?”. You know that Guru is an indispensable tool that puts the information you need to do your job at your fingertips and makes your workday feel like a lot less work. But can you prove it?


Common challenges folks raised around this topic include: 

  • Accurately measuring the impact of Guru on your team and/or at your company

  • The business incentive for Knowledge Management

  • Aligning Guru success metrics with business outcomes


The Value of Knowledge Management


Dive Into Specifics

Three ways to measure ROI impact


1. Total Card views

  • Every time you view a Guru Card, you are saving time by not having to leave your workflow to search across multiple platforms or shoulder tap a subject matter expert. Based on what we’ve heard from 1,000s of customers, this time saved is estimated to be around 3-5 minutes per Card view. With this in mind, you can easily demonstrate the amount of time Guru has saved your team by looking at the total number of Card Views in a specific period of time.

💡 Tip

If you want to see how other Guru champions have leveraged this metric, check out this Guru Community post on Annual Total Card Views from 2021!


2. Survey

  • Conducting a survey is a great way to quickly gather both quantitative and qualitative data on what your team thinks about Guru and how it is impacting their day-to-day work. 

What do you need?

  • Survey respondents

    • Guru users 

    • Suggest at least 75% response rate from active users

  • Survey questions

  • Survey method

    • Google Form

    • Typeform

    • SurveyMonkey 


3. ROI calculator

  • While Guru Analytics and survey data can be super helpful in telling your impact story, sometimes the easiest way to prove impact is a direct line to dollars saved. 

  • Guru recently partnered with an independent research group, Forrester Consulting, to examine and uncover the quantifiable value metrics (ROI) that a company may realize after deploying Guru. To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this ROI, Forrester interviewed several customers with experience using Guru across various industries.

  • These customer interviews resulted in Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™️ (TEI) report, which shares risk-adjusted data that can be used as a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Guru on an organization. 

  • With this data in mind, Guru has created a simple calculator for customers to use to demonstrate your estimated impact and ROI from leveraging Guru.

How do I calculate my team’s value?

  1. Make a copy of  this spreadsheet and follow the instructions in the first tab. 

  2. Fill in the required metrics on the “Input” tab in the sheet for your team – all highlighted cells can be edited

  3. Review the “Output” tab to see your results

  4. Add your company logo to the Output page

    1. OPTIONAL: Export the output as a PDF and share with your team

  5. Customize presentation deck & schedule a meeting with your boss + stakeholders


How to present your findings

After leveraging one or more of the methods explained above, you can add them into a slide deck - here is a handy slide template you can customize for your team. Schedule a meeting with your boss and other stakeholders to walk through the incredible impact your work with Guru has had on your business!


Recap & Resources:


Keep the Conversation going! Drop your questions around measuring the impact of Guru below.


P.S. Shoutout to @Nina Frank @Gail Des Jardin @Julie Kuehl and @Mike Louie for your participation in our webinar session! 

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