How Bonusly uses Guru to Streamline the New Hire Experience

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In a recent Deep Dive, we had the chance to learn from @Vicki Yang , VP of People Operations at Bonusly.


Vicki walked us through about Bonusly’s approach to onboarding (and offboarding) with Guru. 



“Guru Cards are embedded within our onboarding process so new hires don’t feel overwhelmed with information.” - @Vicki Yang, VP of People Operations at Bonusly, a peer-to-peer recognition platform.


How Bonusly uses Guru for new hires: 

  • Guru is their searchable knowledge base

  • Supplemented onboarding process with Cards

  • Balancing remote-first work and company culture

  • Navigating growth and attrition


Questions covered with Vicki: 

  • What is your role at Bonusly?
  • How does Bonusly use Guru?
  • What does the new hire experience look like at Bonusly? How does Guru support that?  
  • What advice would you give to companies in the brain drain maintaining their employee experience in Guru?


Catch the full Deep Dive recap here: 


Questions for Vicki? Have a takeaway you’d love to share? Drop em down below!

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