Important navigation and hierarchy update coming soon!

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Hey Community 👋🏽 
I’m back to tell you about some updates that are coming in the second half of June that will make it simpler and easier to organize your content in Guru’s web app. We’ve heard feedback from our users that our current hierarchy of Board Groups, Boards, and Sections can be confusing–especially since these levels all behave a little differently. We’ve also heard that people want the flexibility to add Cards to any level of the hierarchy, including at the Collection level.


Coming soon, Guru will be migrating to a folder structure so you can save Cards at any level, including at the top of a Collection. This will standardize Guru’s navigation and hierarchy to behave in a familiar “foldered” way, like the apps you’re used to using. 


Not only will this give admins and authors the ability to better organize their content, it will make it easier for readers to browse Collections and find what they need, faster. 


Here’s what to expect when these changes go live:

  • Your existing Board Groups, Boards, and Sections will be converted into folders. Your content won’t move.
  • Collections will have an updated, cleaner appearance that removes the Board Group, Board, and Section icons.
  • The Cards Not on a Board area at the bottom of each Collection will be changing:
    • If you have zero Cards not on a Board, this area will go away.
    • If you have one or more Cards in this area, it will be converted into a new folder labeled “[Legacy] Cards Not on a Board.” You can move Cards out of this folder and delete the folder when you’re done reorganizing.
  • The drag and drop experience will be smoother and more consistent.


API AND SDK USERS: We advise not setting up new API or SDK calls to Boards until these updates have been released. Our API and SDK documentation will be updated to reflect the new folder structure. Stay tuned for more details!


These changes will be rolled out in phases to existing customers, and we hope to have the migration complete by the end of June. We’ll be alerting all users of the upcoming change in the Guru app so they can be prepared.


We really appreciate the feedback you share here in the Community! It’s because of feedback like yours that we’re able to keep improving Guru. We can’t wait to share the new “folders” future of Guru with you!


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If there will no longer be the option for cards not on a board, how will the restricted access function work? 


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Great question, @Jessica McMahon! Card privacy and sharing will function the same. Users locate restricted Cards shared with them by using a direct hyperlink, search, or the Card Manager. Restricted Cards do not appear on “Cards not on a Board”. If you’re seeing otherwise, we can troubleshoot your Card with our Support team. 🤓

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For larger interface changes like this, I’d sure appreciate a more thoughtful rollout. I’ve spent over a year training the team on your current structure. Are there any changes to search scoping? Will we have access to these changes in any form prior to full rollout so we can create training materials for our team?

Does this mean that the Salesforce Knowledge Sync will respect Salesforce Knowledge categories to support 5 levels of hierarchy?

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@Jeremy Rhoades No changes to search scoping. Updating documentation is a topic many here can relate to, so thank you for raising! The best way I can think to answer your question is to share how our team is approaching these updates to our internal and external documentation.

  • The shift to calling Board Groups, Boards, and Sections “folders”.
    • We discussed the pros and cons of applying our Google Sheet for Find & Replace or using a Card Manager bulk export for faster updates.
    • We have a very popular Product FAQ Collection and will prioritize updating the most viewed Cards first, using the Collection analytics tab to determine what those Cards are.
    • We have a general “flag it or fix it” approach to our knowledge base and now is a good time to remind our colleagues about it. We will benefit from their help with updates over time.
  • Auditing the content of specific feature areas impacted.
    • Card creation.
      • In the second step, the dropdown menu for “Board” is now “Folders” and includes the Collection level as an option.
    • How to edit a Card’s Boards.
      • Rename how to edit a Card’s folders.
    • Board Permissions.
      • The icon for Board permissions (folder permissions) moves from the left to the right of the folder’s name.
      • Consideration while dragging-and-dropping Cards and folders in and out of folders with unique read-only permissions.
    • How to use Guru’s API/SDK.
  • Optional: reviewing Collection’s “Cards not on a Board” area.
    • After the release, these Cards will continue to appear in a folder within the Collection. You can either keep the folder as-is, rename the folder, or drag-and-drop the Cards to other folders.

I’m also interested in learning about what your internal training materials are comprised of, so keep an eye out for an email from your Guru Account Manager connecting us! 😄


@Molly Munson, great question! With this release, the hierarchy shifts from: Collection > Board Group > Board > Section to: Collection > Folder > Folder > Folder. It’s true a Card will be able to be placed as high as the Collection level, so technically, Cards will have four possible levels to live after this release. However, it doesn’t look like Navigational Topics in SFDC can map articles as high up as the equivalent to a Guru Collection level. I’m really sorry about this limitation! I recommend logging the idea to expand the number of folder levels for syncs as Product Feedback for our Product team. Then fellow SFDC users can upvote it, too.

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As of today (Monday, June 12th), we’re beginning the first phase of the managed release of this update. All new Guru teams plus a handful of existing teams will see the updated navigation experience. When the release is live for all customers in the coming days, we’ll be sharing the release note in Product Updates.

Sounds like great changes!

Does this also affect how following a link works? When following a link which takes me to a resource that’s already in a folder structure, I don’t want to be taken to a new tab in a single-page view. I want to navigate within the folder in the current tab. Ctrl+click is for new tab. That’s how browsers work and when an app is messing with it is annoying. I’m used to using click and browser back, and that’s hard to do in Guru.

If that’s not in scope of this change, please change it or add an option to my profile to have it work the way the web was designed. Thanks! :)

@Omar Carrasco is there any way we could get a visual of the new update prior to seeing it in our instance? I have an idea of how this will look but I am trying to fully scope out how things will change. Thanks!

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Hey @Tyler! Here is a graphic showing the nested levels of hierarchy:

Below, I’ve mocked up a side-by-side comparison with the updated navigation and hierarchy experience reflected in the top image:  

I hope these are helpful! Please do let me know if there’s another area of the product you are hoping to see.

Thanks so much @Marie Frei!