AI chatbot integration for guru's answer

  • 22 January 2024
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I’m curious if you plan to provide Guru’s Answer API ? I’m thinking to integrate this feature to our company website. If not, do you have any suggestions to integrate a silimar feature? Thanks in advance. 




2 replies

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Hi @Aaron Tsou ! Thanks for your post. Can you share a little bit more about why you want to connect Answers to your company website? Are you intending for your customer-base/public users to use Answers to find information, or for internal employees? 

What sources are you considering adding to Answers?

If I can understand a little bit more about your use case, that will allow me to provide the best recommendation of how to move forward!

Thanks @Devon O'Dwyer , I would like to build a chatbot like “Answers” for our customers. They will be able to access public information that we’ve tagged as “public.” Looking forward to hearing from you.