Anyone set up an automation for Notion and Guru to sync with each other?

  • 18 February 2022
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Hi all, 

Wondering if anyone has experience (whether via Zapier or Guru’s Sync API) getting Notion and Guru to communicate and update each other. Would love to hear about it, if so! 

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Hi @Reba Mitchell!

We have had customers sync Notion content into Guru in the past - this page has a ton of great info on how to accomplish what you might be looking for!

In the “API Implementation” section of the page, you’ll notice that there are three main steps to get content from Notion (or any third-party) into Guru:

  1. Set up a target collection via a POST call to You’ll need to do this through the API rather than the UI in order to set the “collectionType” to “EXTERNAL”.
  2. Upload a zipped folder (the contents/formatting of which are outlined earlier in the page) to this endpoint:
  3. Check the status of the upload using this endpoint:{jobId}/status

You only have to create the target collection once - then if the content changes within Notion and you wish to update Guru cards to reflect the new information, you just need to upload a new .zip file (step 2). Note that the Card yaml files have an ExternalId field - this should be the identifier that Notion gives each record when you export from their UI. This is how Guru keeps track of what’s already been created vs. what needs to be updated.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a one-time content migration, we have this super helpful article in our Help Center showing how to do so. Please excuse the outdated video, but the instructions below the video are correct! Note that if you use this method and upload the same file twice, it will NOT perform any  updates based on ID’s - it will duplicate your cards.

Let me know if this helps!