Auto-Sending Announcements with Trigger

  • 17 August 2023
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Hi Guru Community!


My team and I are working on optimizing onboarding flows, using our HRIS and Guru. We are currently trying to figure out if there is a possible automation we can set up (using Zapier or another similar platform) in which we can auto-trigger a certain card to be sent as an Announcement to a User, right after that User account is activated on Guru.

I know this is not currently available as a Guru feature, but has anyone done something similar with Guru (using a separate platform/workaround) who has insight on how to set this up? 

Thanks for any support!


Best answer by Joe Duffy 21 August 2023, 23:10

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2 replies

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Hi @Mallory C Pendleton 👋

This is possible to set up through Zapier:

  1. Trigger: User Added to Group in Guru
    1. You’ll want to select the “All Members” group - whenever a user is created in Guru, they’re added to this group
  2. Action: Webhooks by Zapier (Custom Request)
    1. You’ll want to send a POST call to
    2. For the body of the request, here is what you should be sending:
    3. {
      "cardId":"<<card id>>",
      "groups":[{"id":"<<user email>>","name":"<<user first name>> <<user last name>>"}],
      "note":"<<announcement note>>"

You’ll need to have API access in order for this to work. If you need help setting this up, feel free to message me directly and I can help you with this.



Thank you so much, Joe! I will DM you about this setup now.