Automated Announcement Acknowledgement

  • 22 August 2023
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Our acknowledgment rate for announcements is not as high as I’d like to see so I am investigating alternative avenues for someone to acknowledge they’ve read announcements outside of the one option today. The reminder three days later is great but it’s not enough.


So, I was poking into creating an automation in Zapier and would love to see a new acknowledge announcement event from a trigger. What I am thinking: 

  1. New Guru announcement creates a channel message in Slack tagging applicable user groups that received announcement. 
  2. Users view the card and reads the card content directly in slack message
  3. User leaves an emoji reaction to the message and that marks that they have clicked “I read it” thus acknowledging said announcement. 

This would further reinforce the slack and guru integration where many of my team receives and reads announcements (many of which don’t require opening the guru site or chrome extension) 

  1. Has anyone figured out how to do this?
  2. If not, I would love to see this event added to Zapier as an option. 

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