Automating Guru tasks with Zapier: how to get started?

  • 19 August 2021
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Hey everyone! In the spirit of next week’s Guru Deep Dive, I want to talk through tips and tricks when it comes to automating Guru tasks.


Yesterday, a group of us were brainstorming ways to use Guru’s Zapier and Workato integrations, and it inspired me to think through ways I could automate Guru tasks I manage in my day-to-day role. There are soo many possibilities to think of, so to get started, I listed out my top challenges. 


Challenges → What am I doing manually, that there could be a workaround for? Is there a way to get notifications to manage tasks in a place I’m already going for project management or looking on a day-to-day basis? 


I then explored workflows by mapping:

  • The trigger (the first activity)
  • The action (the correlated activity)
  • The end result

For example, I set up a workflow for card verification. If I’m being fully transparent I’m probably not the best at keeping my cards verified as soon as they expire :cry: I AM good at checking slack though, so I set up a Zapier to send me a slack reminder whenever a card that I own requires verification. Shout out to Martin Theobald from Crisp for inspiring me to do this!


Let’s keep this conversation going!


How do you start tackling this? What blockers are in your way to getting started? What would you love to see workflow examples for (i.e. verifying cards)?


- Callie, Community Team


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I would love to see a way to be notified in Asana or Todoist when a question for me comes into my queue in Guru. We’ve previously managed knowledge requests and edit requests in that queue, and it isn’t a great set up. We end up moving those requests into task management platforms so we can work on them. It would be great if they could get pulled in automatically.