ClickUp Workflow?

  • 7 October 2021
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Has anyone used a Guru knowledge base alongside ClickUp for project management?


We are looking to add Guru as our home for internal wikis, but we do all of our task tracking and project management in ClickUp. It would be so ideal to be able to push questions and update check ins to ClickUp tasks for the Authors responsible. If integrations aren’t planned, does anyone know of any workarounds using something like Zapier?

2 replies

:wave: Jesse…thank you so much for the outreach and question re: your ClickUp/PM workflow!  Mary Houston, who oversees Guru’s Developer Network (which includes our Zapier Connector) will be back next Tuesday.  I’m positive she’ll be able to offer a few potential happy paths in support of your requested workflow.  Our Zapier Marketplace listing includes a couple Asana and workflows for additional inspiration, if interested to review in advance of Mary’s return!  Hope you have a fantastic weekend Jesse and thank you once again for raising!

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Hi @Jesse McKeil,

ClickUp’s Zapier app is pretty vast in their triggers and actions, so you may be able to find some powerful automations with ClickUp <> Guru. Some ideas might be:

  1. When a Guru Card goes Unverified > Create ClickUp Task for the Author.
  2. When a new ClickUp Task is created > Create corresponding Guru Card
  3. When a question is asked in Slack, whenever a certain Reacji is used > Creates ClickUp task > Creates corresponding Card in Guru > Updates Clickup Task with Card link. It would then be up to the end user to update the card + complete the task with the corresponding info from the Slack message. ​​​​