Curious if anyone else is thinking about an integration with ChatGPT?

  • 21 March 2023
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Hey Guru Wizards!

You cannot go anywhere without hearing about OpenAI and ChatGPT. I’ve seen some really cool applications for the tool and even cooler integrations with tools.

I started to think about how an integration between ChatGPT and Guru could be helpful. I think of it working like the ChatGPT chatbot, but being able to pull knowledge from your Guru knowledge base to inform its response when you ask it a question and give you the links to the cards it synthesized its answer from. 

Anyone else thinking about this? Anyone  at Guru testing out potential use cases? Would love to start a discussion if there hasn’t been one started already! 


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3 replies

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@Jesse Paucek thanks so much for the thoughtful question! 

We are very much thinking about how AI might find its way into the Guru product, and have some very exciting announcements coming soon on that front! But as a little preview, one of the ways we are thinking about it is directly in line with the way you are thinking about it. We, too, imagine a world where you and your team can pull knowledge from Guru by simply asking a question, and instead of pulling up a list of links to cards through search, we can get you directly to a succinct, verified answer :-)

Additionally, we are also thinking about how AI might be able to help our SMEs and authors create and share content in a more efficient and enjoyable way.

For more info on all of this, I highly encourage you to sign up for our webinar next week where we’ll dive into all things AI!

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@Jon Saft -- Thanks for the quick reply! 

I’m glad to hear that Guru is already thinking about this and think it’d be a great way to interact with a CMS like Guru!

Just registered for the webinar next week -- excited to see what you guys have lined up! 

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For anyone who missed the Five ways to drive engagement and efficiency using Guru’s AI features webinar, the recording is here. At the end of the webinar, Jon announced Guru is part of OpenAI’s limited alpha program, which is enabling us to build a plugin for ChatGPT. 💫